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Calle Valportillo Primera, 22-24, Edificio Caoba, Pol. Ind. La Granja, 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid

Company’s description

At Bureau Veritas, as a Business to Business to Society services company, our mission is to build trust between organisations, public authorities and consumers. As a global leader in inspection, certification and testing services, we support more than 400,000 clients worldwide.

We provide targeted assistance to address the growing challenges of safety, environment, social responsibility and quality throughout the supply chain, from raw material sourcing to final product use. At Bureau Veritas, we strive to accompany our clients in the execution of their sustainability strategy and meet expectations.

Bureau Veritas has extensive and proven experience in alternative energy projects, at different stages of the value chain, accompanying its partners in the innovation and development stages. And in most cases, creating together with industry and authorities the necessary standards to address the ideal development for each sector and industry.

Aware of the current scenario and its transcendence, we propose to the different stakeholders to collaborate along the hydrogen value chain, with the premise of innovating and with the fundamental objective of helping to guarantee safe and efficient production, building a world of trust through the highest standards of quality and protection for society and the environment.

Main lines of business of the entity

Design and Construction: Risk Analysis, Design Review, Equipment Certification, Identification of Applicable Regulations, Inspection during manufacture and at installation, QA/QC during Construction
H2 Production: Technical Assistance, Regulatory Inspections and Asset Management
Compression/Storage: Risk Analysis, Explosion Modelling. Corrosion Assessment, European Directives
Transport/Distribution: ON DEP and DEPT, Transport Equipment Certification