AYESA Ingeniería y Arquitectura

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Company’s description

AYESA is an ETC (engineering, technology & consulting) Spanish company with more than 53 years of experience, diversification and international expansion. Our mission is to bring infrastructure into the digital world. At Ayesa, we strive to build a more efficient and fairer world by seamlessly combining engineering and technology. Seeing these two areas as one, allows us to create the necessary solutions for the world of tomorrow.
The future of cities and the services they offer, as well as infrastructure, industry, and companies, are beginning to opt for emerging technology. At Ayesa, we are experts in creating solutions capable of making safe decisions without any human intervention for strategic sectors. To do this, we have a unique approach based on combining engineering and technology.

Our goal is to connect the world in an efficient way, transforming its cities into sustainable and safe places. We are involved in complex, iconic projects all around the world, designing transport and water infrastructure, making industry more efficient and having extensive experience across all sectors.
We invest in innovation with the aim of always staying one step ahead in terms of the challenges faced by our clients, who know that, when they are ready to take the leap, we are the best partner there is.

In the age of intelligence, the world is full of new opportunities. At Ayesa, we have the expertise necessary to seize them.

Main lines of business of the entity

Industry, Oil & Gas, Energy and Industrial Systems