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Avenida de Brasil nº6 , -1º, 28020 Madrid

Company’s description

Water2kW has a committed team with a long-term vision of its future positioning in the hydrogen market. We are backed by 25 years of professional experience in the energy sector and the previous experience of a large part of our team in senior management positions in multinational energy companies on a global scale. We offer turnkey projects that include from consultancy (legal, environmental, economic, commercial…) to technical design, development and commissioning. Water2kW has patented several systems for the 100% sustainable production of green hydrogen. In order to deepen the technological offer that we currently offer, we maintain and promote collaboration agreements with different companies and technology centres, both in Spain and abroad. Within this line of innovation, Water-On, Water2kW’s sister company, contributes to our projects with its patented solutions for the production and treatment of 100% chemical-free water. This, added to the solutions in electrolysers and fuel cells, allows us to have a technological offer of the highest level and unique in the market for the production and final use of green hydrogen with a process, as a whole, 100% sustainable.

Main lines of business of the entity

Manufacture and integration of equipment for the production, storage and use of hydrogen.

Patented technological offer for the production of green hydrogen by electrolysis of water produced and treated with 100% chemical-free systems.

Consultancy (legal, environmental, economic, commercial…) and comprehensive management of hydrogen projects linked to renewable energies and sustainable water production.