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Ronda de Poniente, 4 Planta Baja y Primera, Parque Empresarial Euronova, C.P. 28760 Tres Cantos, Madrid
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Descripción de la compañía

TÜV SÜD works throughout the hydrogen value chain.
We perform different consultancy services such as technical-economic analysis, due diligence, technology maturity analysis, feasibility studies… Also, strategic consultancy applied to market analysis, and legislative and regulatory analysis, both nationally and internationally.
We also offer different environmental consultancy solutions such as green hydrogen certification and carbon footprint analysis.
In the field of industrial safety, we provide different solutions to guarantee the safety of your projects: risk analysis, HAZOP analysis, certification and testing of different components and systems throughout the value chain, damage analysis, material resistance tests…
We also provide training related to hydrogen technologies at industrial and automotive level.
Therefore, we can accompany our clients throughout the hydrogen value chain, from the design stage to the construction and commissioning phases of the project, advising and verifying that it complies with all safety requirements, as well as with the different regulations and standards that apply both nationally and internationally, in order to successfully develop their project.


Principales líneas de negocio de la entidad

Adding value across the business lifecycle. Our comprehensive suite of end-to-end solution servicing the eight key customer segments enables us to view our customers’ operation in its entirety and deliver value across the entire business lifecycle.1.Chemical & Process,2.Consumer Products & Retail, 3.Energy, 4.Healthcare & Medical Devices, 5.Infrastructure & Rail, 6.Manufacturing, 7.Mobility & Automotive, 8.Real Estate