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Company’s description

Smartenergy is a Swiss-based investment company dedicated to renewable energy. We identify, develop and deliver green energy assets. We are a driving force in the ongoing transition of the industry towards green energy being focused on the deployment of solar, wind and green hydrogen projects. We are committed to pursuing the potential of hydrogen and related technology as an ideal complement for utilizing and storing renewable energy.

Smartenergy, founded in 2011, is headquartered in Wollerau, Switzerland. Beyond our Team in Wollerau, we rely on our own local subsidiaries in all major markets in Europe. Local knowledge and proximity to the industry stakeholders allow us to identify and secure opportunities at an early stage while creating synergies across the entire value chain.


Main lines of business of the entity

Smartenergy operates in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany, where it develops and covers the entire value chain of renewable energy projects. The company currently has a portfolio of 8 GW of renewable energy projects and 2 GW of green hydrogen projects.  The firm’s flagship H2 project in Spain is Orange.bat, aimed at helping the Castellón ceramics cluster on its path towards decarbonisation by replacing natural gas combustion with green hydrogen