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Gran Via Corts Catalanes 645, 2-1, 08010 Barcelona, España

Descripción de la compañía

Since its foundation in 1913, PASCH represents in Spain and Portugal first-class good, such as a significant part of the German MAN group, which it formally represents since 1920. In addition to this representation activity, PASCH packages tailored solutions with different technologies such as steam turbines, cogeneration modules or emission control systems, among others. Many of the technologies that PASCH represents, or packages are already present today in the new trends of the hydrogen market. Additionally, the product portfolio that PASCH represents has been expanded to face this new energy era, with electrolyzers, H2 purity analyzers or other components. Today, PASCH is involved in the development of new green hydrogen plants, where it consolidates itself as a provider of solutions such as hydrogen compressors and air fin coolers for electrolyzers, among others.

Principales líneas de negocio de la entidad

  • LH2 / LNG storage, pumping.
  • LH2 vaporizers.
  • H2 / Biogas monitoring systems.
  • Power-to-Methane / Methanol.
  • Energy storage systems (BESS, ETES PtX, LAES, CAES, MOSAS).
  • Air Fin Coolers / Cooling Towers / Air Cooled Condensers.
  •  Cryogenic pumps.
  • Liquefaction / Regasification plants.
  • Electrolyzers.
  • Steam / Gas turbines (NG, Biogas, H2).
  • Cogeneration modules (NG, Biogas, H2).
  • Continuous emission monitoring systems.
  • Biomethanization systems (upgrading).