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General Concha, 20 48010 Bilbao - España

Company’s description

Nortegas is an energy infrastructure company mainly engaged in natural gas distribution. We are currently present in more than 380 municipalities in the Basque Country, Cantabria and Asturias, where we serve more than one million customers; making Nortegas the second-largest gas distributor in the Spanish market. Nortegas has a solid commitment to promoting research and projects that provide competitive solutions towards the decarbonization of the economy whilst responsibly utilizing existing gas infrastructure.

Nortegas Green Energy Solutions promotes projects involving NGV and renewable gases, focused on biomethane, biogas, and hydrogen. Nortegas is committed to the development of hydrogen injection projects in distribution networks with regard to the technical viability and economic needs arising from the implementation of this gas as a medium and long-term source of energy. These projects foster and promote initiatives aligned with the circular economy, thus contributing to the minimization of climate change and the creation of employment within these regions.

Main lines of business of the entity

• Natural Gas and LPG Distribution.
• Renewable Gases (biomethane, biogas and hydrogen), NGV.
• LPG Maintenance Services.