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Crta. Fragosiño 32, CP36214 - Vigo
986 494922

Company’s description

NEUWALME is founded in 1.982 as a family business dedicated to the sale of pneumatic and oil-hydraulic components for industrial applications. Over the years, the company grew and expanded its portfolio of products and services, incorporating the design and manufacture of equipment, on-site installations, and after-sales services, thus becoming an industrial group of high technological development with international projects. Currently, NEUWALME is immersed in several projects associated with Hydrogen as an “Energy Vector” for the future, related to generation, storage, and control.

Main lines of business of the entity

  • NEUWALME provides value-added solutions in oil-hydraulic, pneumatic, mechatronics, and currently in the Hydrogen value chain, applications to professional customers in all industrial sectors, designing and manufacturing equipment and installations, carrying out on-site assembly and technical assistance, and offering after-sales service, all with the highest levels of product and process quality, technological innovation, adapting to customer need and helping them to be more competitive.