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C. Tajonar, 20, 31006 Pamplona, Navarra
948 29 29 00

Descripción de la compañía

NAITEC is the technology center specialised in Mobility and Mechatronics in Navarra. We offer solutions to companies to develop more competitive and sustainable products and processes.

We get involved in the entire life cycle to detect the areas in which companies can gain in functionality, efficiency and sustainability.

We add value in 3 key activity sectors for industry and society: Mobility, Mechatronics, and Validation. We contribute with our knowledge in:

  •  Validation Engineering
  •  Advanced and Sustainable Manufacturing
  •  Electronics and Intelligent Transport Systems
  •  AI and Data Analytics
  •  Ecodesign and Energy Intelligence
  •  New Materials


Among others, at NAITEC we contribute to the hydrogen value chain with our experience and knowledge of:

  •  Digital Twin Cells and Electrolysers electrochemical, fluid thermal and structural modelling of alkaline electrochemical cells
  •  Electrode design and fabrication, new materials’ development, design and print manufacturing
  •  Mechatronic product design and component validation
  •  Digital Stack Twin and Bench Electrolysers
  •  Sensorisation and Continuous Monitoring
  •  Prescriptive and Predictive Analytics
  • Environmental Sustainability

Principales líneas de negocio de la entidad


  • Smart Mobility: autonomous and connected vehicle, smart city
  • Green Mobility: sustainability
  • Mechatronics:
  •  Mechatronic product: IoT solutions, printed electronics, materials
  •  Digital transformation of processes
  • Technological services:
  •  Component and system testing
  •  Materials assistance
  •  Electronic product validation
  •  NVH
  •  Environmental impact
  •  Autonomous and connected vehicle testing


New Business:

  •  Aerospace
  •  Biomedical