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Calle Mompó, 2, 13610 Campo de Criptana, Cdad. Real

Descripción de la compañía

MOVIALSA is a company with activity in the wine and the energy sectors with a track record in agriculture, winemaking and alcohol manufacturing dating back to 1940. The company’s traditional activity is winemaking. This activity is supported by 5 wineries. More recently, the company has broken into the energy market. We currently own five industrial power generation plants. MOVIALSA has been developing a circular economy model in the recent years. This model is based on the management and recovery of the by-products generated during the production of wines and musts and the distillation and rectification of alcohols and spirits. This model also aligns with recent trends toward energy conservation. As an electric energy production company that uses fossil fuels, we are conscious of the need to evolve towards other ‘cleaner’ fuels that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the economy to comply with the climate neutrality goals. To achieve these goals, it is necessary to advance our knowledge and development of hydrogen technologies, which is why it is essential for us to work with institutions such as AeH2 that can help us explore this field more deeply and that can guide us in future projects which will help the company adapt to this new paradigm and consequently move towards a business model compatible with the environmental care.

Principales líneas de negocio de la entidad

  • Winemaking.
  • Alcohol manufacturing.
  • Electric power production.
  • Agriculture.