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Descripción de la compañía

Indox Energy Systems is a Manufacturer of equipment for the transport, distribution and storage of fuels and liquefied gases (air gases, LPG, LNG, Hydrogen) with extensive experience and national and international recognition. It provides turnkey solutions in the field of energy and cryogenics: LNG, hydrogen, fuels and natural gas. Once a pioneer in satellite regasification and liquefaction plants, it is now carrying out research, development and innovation projects to contribute to the decarbonization of industry and mobility. We offer the necessary products for the transport, distribution and storage of fuels, liquefied gases and pressurized hydrogen, as well as process engineering for turnkey hydrogen projects. Our Solar division installs high efficiency photovoltaic plants; combined with electrolysis for the use of hydrogen in industry (Power to Gas: blending natural gas with hydrogen), mobility and logistics (Power to Fuel: refuelling stations) and isolated or critical systems (Power to Power). Our vision is to become a reference in zero emission energy, the preferred partner for industrial blending. In 2022 we became the first SME in Spain to use green hydrogen as a source of energy. The hydrogen generated in our pilot plant is blended with LNG for the heating of paint cabins. It serves as a demonstrator and testbed for new installations.

Principales líneas de negocio de la entidad

  • Cryogenic tankers, truck mounted and self-supporting, for fuels and liquefied gases.
  • Cryogenic containers and tanks.
  • Turnkey photovoltaic plants. Hydrogen storage: from 30 to 150m3, up to 45 bar, from 85 to 628 kg H2 and custom sizes.
  • Carbon stell, vertical or horizontal.
  • High pressure equipment for hydrogen transportation.
  • Electrolysis: we select the best technology for each use, from 100 kW to 5 MW.
  • Hydrogen turnkey installations: Power to Gas, Power to Fuel, Power to Power.