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Company’s description

H2Greem is a technology company focused on the development of hydrogen production systems, from the design, build, and integration phase, all the way to the operation and maintenance necessities, facilitating financing to ensure the viability and success of each project.

H2Greem has the technology to develop PEM electrolyzers capable of deploying MW stacks for utility applications. Our products provide security to our customers by providing quality and cost-effective solutions.

We have the engineering capacity to achieve the integration and storage of renewable sources, including mechanization, in an optimal way. We seek tailor-made solutions as an electrolyzer manufacturer, as well as assist and assess the legal and financial requirements to complete your project, even on a large scale

Main lines of business of the entity

  • H2Greem is a company dedicated to develop and manufacture hydrogen generators based in PEM technology. PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane).