Gunvor Group Ltd

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Descripción de la compañía

Gunvor Group is one of the world’s largest independent commodities trading houses by turnover, creating logistics solutions that safely and efficiently move physical energy from where it is sourced and stored to where it is demanded most. In 2021, the company generated US $135 billion in revenue moving 240 million MT of physical energy worldwide. With strategic investments in energy infrastructure—refineries, pipelines, storage and terminals—Gunvor further generates sustainable value across the global supply chain for its customers.

To fulfil its commitments in the Energy Transition, Gunvor has been expanding its presence in power and renewables, which includes renewable offtakes and equity investments across Europe. Hydrogen, specifically, has advanced as a core commodity for the company. With oil refineries in Germany and The Netherlands, and two biodiesel plants in Spain (Huelva and Álava), Gunvor is a natural consumer of hydrogen, and aims to commercialise green hydrogen across Europe. The company has already begun developing hydrogen storage and trading facilities, projects that include a hydrogen import terminal in Rotterdam and the initiation of a hydrogen cluster in Ingolstadt.

Gunvor’s Spanish marketing arm is an oil products operator and a member of the Asociación de Operadores Petrolíferos. Gunvor is active in the power and gas markets and was the first ever market-maker in MIBGAS.

Principales líneas de negocio de la entidad

Transport & distribution
Energy (supply, trading and offtake)