Grupo DISA

Large company or group of companies
C Fomento 7, 1ª planta, oficina nº 1, 38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Descripción de la compañía

The DISA Group is the largest independent service station operator in Spain and leader in the Canary Islands market. With more than 86 years of experience in the energy sector, acting with the commitment, quality of service and proximity that characterises it.
In the last decade, it has diversified its activities in the energy sector. DISA has become a comprehensive supplier of energy products and services. Its offer includes traditional fuels, the commercialisation of electricity from 100% renewable sources, and other alternative fuels such as LPG and Natural Gas, being a pioneer in the introduction of both in the Canary Islands market, where DISA is also the largest private producer of renewable energy. At the same time, it is extending its geographical scope of action, recently entering the Uruguayan and Portuguese markets. In line with the changes that society and the economy are undergoing, this Group is in continuous internal transformation, promoting innovation, digitalisation and energy transition to continue improving people’s lives.
DISA is actively involved, in alliance with companies in the energy sector and local authorities, in projects for the introduction of hydrogen in the energy supply of the Canary Islands, with the expectation of expanding this activity to other parts of Spain and the world.


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