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Company’s description

IMDEA Energy Institute was created in 2006 by the Regional Government of “Comunidad de Madrid” as non-profit Foundation to promote and carry out R&D&i activities to contribute to the development of a sustainable and decarbonised energy system.

IMDEA Energy is strongly committed to the transfer of R&D outcomes to the productive sector and to seek joint efforts with other technology research centers and universities, promoting excellence in research on energy issues and complementarity among different entities.

IMDEA Energy gathers cutting edge skills and significant experience in R&D, testing and assessment of energy technologies. IMDEA Energy offers these services to private companies, universities and research and technological centers at both national and international levels.


Main lines of business of the entity

Research topics:

  • Production of sustainable fuels: hydrogen, biofuels and advanced fuels from wastes
  • Solar power
  • Energy storage: electrochemical, thermal and thermochemical systems
  • Energy systems with enhanced efficiency
  • Power systems and Demand Management
  • Valorization of CO2 emissions
  • Analysis and assessment of energy systems