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Descripción de la compañía

Font Corporation represents key international players in the hydrogen sector leading their expansions, investments, funding, partnerships and scaling up process in Europe. Font Corporation is part of the Team of experts selected at European Level to assist Clean Hydrogen Partnership, European Hydrogen Valleys and the European Commission defining the EU Roadmap for Hydrogen Valleys. Our strength is to identify suitable partners and off-takers for hydrogen producers in Europe. We connect hydrogen producers with reliable and long term off-takers who are corporately committed to sustainability and clean energy solutions. Font Corporation fosters the growth and early adoption of hydrogen as a clean and versatile energy source across industries. Through our extensive network and expertise as a hydrogen broker, we ensure a seamless and efficient supply chain, benefitting both producers and off-takers alike. Font Corporation identifies new technologies with high potential and support their expansions in Europe increasing their market share in the European sustainable energy sector and contributing to the acceleration of European Hydrogen Valleys.

Principales líneas de negocio de la entidad

We implement and scale up “waste to hydrogen” production sites in Europe that convert waste into a rich syngas with already 60% hydrogen into it. This syngas could be transformed into Hydrogen, SAF, FTs or methane. Font Corporation is leading the development of the first natural hydrogen project in Europe located in Aragón, Spain and scaling up the implementation to other natural hydrogen sites in Poland, Hungary, Germany and the United Kingdom.