Evos Algeciras SAU

Large company or group of companies
Explanada Isla Verde Exterior, S/N. 11207 Algeciras (Cádiz)
+34 956.022.424

Descripción de la compañía

Evos is an international and independent energy storage company. We operate a network of premium tank terminals with a combined storage capacity of 2.5 million m3. With a strong heritage and supported by our shareholder’s vision of long-term value creation, we have the ambition to continuously develop our business.

Evos is involved in research projects to evaluate the technical and commercial feasibility of hydrogen storage and distribution on an industrial scale.

EVOS ALGECIRAS is a modern terminal dedicated to the storage of hydrocarbons and located in the strategic Strait of Gibraltar

Principales líneas de negocio de la entidad

Storage and distribution of energy products and liquid bulk.