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Avenida De La Ingeniería,9 Bloque 8 E-41015 Sevilla (España)
+34 954 914 228

Descripción de la compañía

EVO Group is a company specialised in zero-emission mobility and the adaptation and conversion of fossil-fuelled vehicles to green hydrogen fuel cell systems.
For European manufacturers and suppliers, EVO Group is a first-class technical partner in the development of electric mobility vehicle concepts for series products. EVO Group was formed by integrating the previous experience and professional background of more than 20 years of its main partners and bringing together all previously incorporated companies under the same legal framework. EVO is based in Seville and currently consists of different companies in Spain, Germany and France. EVO is a first class technological partner for transport companies that need to incorporate solutions for the integrated management of zero polluting fleets, increasing their profitability, customer satisfaction and offering a brand image aligned with the values of respect for the environment.
We currently have a highly qualified professional team of 60 people, mostly engineers specialised in the development of electric powertrain systems, as well as in the integration and validation of the main original equipment manufacturers, which has allowed us to reach a turnover of 4 million euros in 2020 and to work in the main European cities.

Principales líneas de negocio de la entidad

The corporate is focused on the automotive industry in the areas of electric mobility, in particular:
– Integration and validation of electric powertrain systems.
– Software development (AUTOSAR, ASIL-D).
– Customer solutions (direct or via Tier1).
– Development and integration of energy sources (batteries and fuel cell systems).
– Industrial vehicles and buses design, development and manufacturing.
– Digitalisation and connectivity (5G, IoT, BigData, AI).