Endesa, S.A.

Large company or group of companies
Calle Ribera del Loira 60, 28042 Madrid

Descripción de la compañía

Endesa is the largest electricity company in Spain and the second largest in Portugal. The company is also the second largest gas operator in the Spanish market. Endesa operates an end-to-end generation, distribution and marketing business. Through Endesa X it also offers value-added services aimed at the electrification of energy usage in homes, companies, industries and Public Administrations. Endesa is firmly committed to the United Nations SDGs and strongly supports the development of renewable energies through Enel Green Power España, the digitalization of grids through e-distribución, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The Endesa Foundation is also active in CSR. Our workforce numbers around 9,260 employees. Endesa is a subsidiary of Enel, Europe’s largest electricity group.

Principales líneas de negocio de la entidad

Our main business is the generation, distribution and sale of electricity. We are also an important operator in the natural gas sector. We develop innovative solutions to customise our energy-related services.

We contribute to the energy transition towards a decarbonised economy through our commitment to generate electricity and hydrogen with renewable energy, digitalization and the circular economy.