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Calle Imprenta de la Alborada, S/N. Parcela 124-D Polígono Industrial Las Quemadas 14014 Córdoba (+34 900 921 929)
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Company’s description

Ecointegral Ingeniería is a company based in Cordoba with 21 years of experience in the Andalusian energy sector, providing engineering services in important projects developed over the last decades. We are currently engineering for the company (e-Distribución) in Andalusia as well as in Aragon and the Canary Islands (for LV/MV), and for the distributor in Madrid and Castilla la Mancha (for substations). In addition, throughout our business life, we have collaborated as engineers on several hundred renewable generation projects (mainly wind and photovoltaic) as well as with REE as approved substation and line engineers. Recently its President (Mr. Juan Ramón Mateos) is a member of the board of directors of the Andalusian Renewable Energy Association (CLANER) of which we are one of the founding members.

We are an active member of the PTE HPC platform, and we are convinced that by contributing the capacities and projects in progress, which already have natural resources, evacuation infrastructures attached, together with our regional proximity, to the necessary technological competences in the new processes of green H2 generation on a semi/industrial scale, we could begin to make significant proofs of concept a reality, which we are sure will have the necessary backing to make them a reality.

Main lines of business of the entity

Promotion (Preliminary assessment, energy / water resource feasibility analysis, product disposal capacity, basic conceptual engineering, permitting, optimisation, redesign and detail engineering, EPC / O&M negotiation)
Construction (Site Supervision, Property Engineering, Commissioning)
Operation and Maintenance (Start-up audits, End of warranty and performance audits, Risk assessment and insurance management, Management and technical and economic management.