Coolergy SL

Av. de los Artesanos 16, oficina 47. 28760 Tres Cantos Madrid

Descripción de la compañía

COOLERGY is committed to building a safer world and increasing energy resource independence from suppliers and political factors. Our team of specialists in cryogenics, gas chemistry, and energy engineering is focused on creating and deploying groundbreaking solutions throughout the entire liquid hydrogen cycle, covering production, storage, transportation, and utilization. The COOLERGY team possesses unparalleled expertise in developing cryogenic gas equipment, including the production of liquid hydrogen and liquid helium. We have a proven track record in establishing stationary cryogenic gas storage facilities and designing mobile cryogenic gas stations and transportation solutions, such as locomotives, buses, trucks, and aircraft, all powered by cryogenic fuel.

Principales líneas de negocio de la entidad

  • Design and manufacturing of cryogenic tanks (containers, fuel and storage tanks) for liquid hydrogen with capacity from 10 kg up to 10 t;
  • Design and manufacturing of hydrogen liquefiers;
  • Design and manufacturing of liquid hydrogen refueling stations;
  • Electrolyze’s configuration and arrangement (Packaging);
  • Fuel cells configuration and arrangement (Packaging);
  • EPC of integrated units based on hydrogen liquefaction and storage facilities.