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Company’s description

It was in 1960 that Gottfried Müller founded the company “Müller Steuergeräte” and developed the original coaxial valve. Since then, the company has experienced an exponential growth of its valve technology and has become a benchmark for the entire industry.

We stand for innovation and individuality, trust, quality, experience and reliability in valve manufacturing. This is how our dynamic development began and will continue to be.

The experience accumulated over more than 50 years has committed us to be at the forefront in the development and promotion of new technologies, focusing on 3 main product lines represented by the different subsidiary companies:

Main lines of business of the entity

müller-coax : coaxial valves for all kinds of high-pressure fluids

m-tech: high pressure gas filling systems and cryogenic valves.

Quadax : butterfly valves developed with the innovative quadruple design principle (4 offset).