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Camino de Vera s/n, 46022, Valencia, España

Company’s description

IUI CMT-Thermal Engines is a university research centre focused on the development of future technologies and solutions for mobility. With more than 100 people in our team, the institute has been dedicated for more than 40 years to perform basic studies to acquire knowledge of the physico-chemical phenomena involved in the research activities carried out and applied studies to optimise the functioning of the engine system, its integration, and support its development.

As priority lines of research, the application of H2 is investigated both as a fuel for combustion and for use in batteries. In both areas, modelling and experimental activities are carried out on pure and hybrid MCIA engines, gas turbine and fuel cells. In the experimental field, the institute has facilities adapted for the use of pure H2 or as dual-fuel in both MCIA and gas turbine, as well as a fuel cell test bench (≤200 kW) unique in Spain and a high purity H2 generation system (competitive cost). In the field of modelling, the institute has professionals with extensive experience in 0D-1D-3D modelling in tasks ranging from physicochemical modelling of combustion or electrochemical modelling of the cells, through thermo-fluid-dynamic modelling of auxiliary components (turbomachinery, cooling systems, etc.) to their integration and optimisation in virtual vehicle models.

Main lines of business of the entity

Combustion research: focused on the use of pure H2, as a dual-fuel and as a blend in MCIA and gas turbine. Activities are carried out to assist in the development of advanced combustion and engine systems. Fuel cell research: This line includes the integration, optimisation and application of PEMFC systems, including TCO and LCA calculation capabilities, degradation diagnostics and control algorithms.