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Company’s description

Clan Tecnológica S.L, ( Clantech ) is an EPC Engineering company with experience in developing Hydrogen related projects. We started our activity in 2006, and since then we have been able to develop numerous Hydrogen Generation projects for use in industry and Laboratories.
So far we have developed several Hydrogen Refuelling Stations in electric vehicles with Fuel Cells. One of them in Denmark for city buses (Aalborg), another one in Madrid for light vehicles refuelling at 700 bar, and in Latin America, in Chile for forklift trucks.
We collaborate with the majority of electrolyser manufacturers to set up renewable hydrogen manufacturing projects.
Specialists in Hydrogen compression and storage at various pressures for subsequent use in both industrial processes and in the mobility of electric vehicles with Fuel Cells.
We manufacture our own Hydrogen dispenser at 350 and 700 bar for refuelling Heavy and Light Vehicles equipped with Fuel Cells. We provide Hydrogen cooling systems to enable Hydrogen refuelling at 700 bar or in heavy duty vehicles that require it.
We build modular projects, with capacity for growth, based on containers of various sizes.
We carry out consultancy work in the field of hydrogen and facilitate the development of mobility projects based on hydrogen and fuel cells.

Main lines of business of the entity

Installation and commissioning of Electrolysers
Installation and commissioning of H2 Compressors.
Stationary Hydrogen Pressure Storage, up to 1000 bar.
Design, installation and maintenance of Hydrogen Refuelling Stations.
Design engineering of Hydrogen projects in mobility, industrial, Power to gas, Power to X.
Start-up of hydrogen projects.
Maintenance of Hydrogen installations.