Research centres, public bodies and non-profit organisations
Av. Complutense, 40, 28040 Madrid

Company’s description

Public research body assigned to the Ministry of Science and Innovation under the General Secretariat for Research, focusing on energy and environment and the technologies related to them. It has offices in several different regions of Spain, and its activity is structured around projects which form a bridge between R&D&I and social interest goals.

Main lines of business of the entity

  • Production by reforming, gasification, pyrolysis, solar, thermochemical cycles, and electrolysis.
  • Integration with renewables.
  • Storage in graphene, LOHCs, and fuels, P2X.
  • Development of Fuel cells: PEM and SOFC.
  • Portable systems for fuel cells, stationary, and mobility.
  • Modeling and simulation of combustion systems.
  • Life Cycle Analysis, Sustainability and Circularity, Regulatory Framework, Safety and Social Acceptance.