Asociación Sectorial del Hidrógeno Verde de la Región de Murcia AHMUR

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Calle Gabriel Campillo s/n Polígono Industrial La Serreta 30500 Molina de Segura

Descripción de la compañía

THE SECTORAL ASSOCIATION OF GREEN HYDROGEN OF THE REGION OF MURCIA (AHMUR), is a private non-profit association of companies created to foster the transition of the Region of Murcia towards a decarbonized economy thanks to renewable energies and green hydrogen.
AHMUR was founded in November 2020 with the mission of promoting investment projects and public-private alliances in all stages of the green hydrogen value chain, including the production, storage, transportation, commercialization and end use of green hydrogen as a viable alternative to reduce emissions and avoid the impact of climate change.
To achive its objetives, AHMUR promotes research and scientific studies to boost green hydrogen related projects as well as citizen awareness and educational activities to extend the use of clean energies and especially those based on green hydrogen.

Principales líneas de negocio de la entidad

Promotion of investment projects
Research and scientific studies
Citizen awareness and educational activities