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Calle Martínez Villergas 49 - Edificio V, 28027 Madrid, Spain

Company’s description

Leading the way towards greener and smarter mobility, Alstom develops and markets integrated systems worldwide that facilitate the transition to a sustainable transport future. Alstom offers a complete range of equipment and services, ranging from high-speed trains, metros, trams and e-buses to integrated systems, personalised services, infrastructure, signalling and digital mobility solutions.

Alstom Spain has a long industrial and technological history in the country, with more than 2,000 employees in 18 work centres. The company has an industrial plant dedicated to the manufacture of all types of rolling stock, and four technological innovation centres for the development of project programmes in the fields of railway safety, signalling, maintenance and digital mobility.

Alstom, a pioneer in the deployment of hydrogen in rail, put the world’s first fuel cell-powered passenger train into commercial service in 2018. The Coradia iLint, a silent train emitting only steam and condensed water, incorporates numerous innovations such as flexible energy storage in batteries and intelligent management of motive power and auxiliary loads. Alstom is currently developing hydrogen fuel cell rail projects in countries such as Germany, the UK and France.

Main lines of business of the entity

  • Rolling stock
  • High speed trains, long distance trains, suburban trains, metros, trams, electric buses…
  • Components – For rolling stock, traction, bogies…
  • Digital mobility – Automatic protection systems, security, video surveillance, automatic operation, multimodal coordination…
  • Services – Maintenance, modernisation, digital services, asset management…
  • Infrastructure and Systems – Electrification, track, electric recharging, turnkey projects…