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Paseo de la Castellana, 79, 28046, Madrid
900 80 36 44

Company’s description

Air Liquide, the world leader in gases, services and technologies for Industry and Healthcare, Air Liquide is present in 80 countries. At Air Liquide, we rely on the competitiveness of our operations and the diversity of our people to offer complete, sustainable and innovative solutions to a wide range of industrial sectors. In Spain, Air Liquide has plants that provide it with the largest production capacity in the sector and enable it to be competitive throughout the country. Air Liquide’s portfolio includes the production of industrial gases obtained from air or generated from natural resources.

The world of energy is changing and hydrogen is one of the energies that constitute a solution to meet the challenges of clean transport: reduction of greenhouse gases, pollution in cities and dependence on fossil fuels. For more than 40 years, Air Liquide has been developing unique expertise in mastering the entire hydrogen chain (production, storage and distribution).


Main lines of business of the entity

  • Large industries
  • Industrial traders
  • Health