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Descripción de la compañía

AIMEN Technology Centre, with more than 50 years of history, is currently a national and European benchmark in research, development and technological innovation in the areas of advanced manufacturing and laser manufacturing, digital technologies for manufacturing, smart materials, smart systems and recycling; as well as in the provision of differentiating technological services to the industry in the áreas of manufacturing with advanced joining technologies, robotics and process digitization, a flexible cross-engineering service highly specialised in welding, corrosion, equipment calculation, product simulation and material tests.

In the hydrogen sector, AIMEN supports utilities and engineering/EPC companies in the following areas:
• Engineering: Calculation of pressure equipment, foundations and civil works, explosion-proof calculations, HAZOP studies, CFD simulation, evaluation of P and T operation ranges to avoid risks, welding engineering and corrosion engineering
• Materials, Analysis and Testing Laboratory: Characterization of materials in different conditions in an H2 environment, absorption, permeability and H2 transport tests using electrochemical techniques, tightness tests, evaluation of hydrogen embrittlement.
• Training: Specialized courses in materials, welding, paints and coatings.

Principales líneas de negocio de la entidad

• High Perfomance Materials

• Flexible Production Processes & Systems

• Robotics & Automation

• Laser Based Manufacturing

• Micro & High Precision Manufacturing

• Environmental Technology

• Manufacturing Engineering

• Welding and Corrosion Engineering

• Desing & Simulation

• Mechatronics

• Laboratories

o Physical¬ and ¬Chemical¬ Analysis

o Mechanical Testing

o Metallography

o Non Destructive Testing

o Corrosion

o Metrology

o Polymers