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C/ Energía Solar, 1 - Campus Palmas Altas, 41014 Sevilla (España)
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Company’s description

Abengoa is an international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainable development in the infrastructure, water and energy sectors. In the latter field, it has become a world leader in the engineering and construction of both renewable and conventional energy generation projects (more than 13 GW installed), currently incorporating the production and storage of green hydrogen and its derivatives in its hybrid solutions for decarbonisation and energy transition. Abengoa offers consultancy and technological advisory services in addition to EPC to support its customers from the outset.

Abengoa has more than 15 years of experience in hydrogen technologies, with a department dedicated to the execution of both national and international projects, ranging from hydrogen production, through electrolysis and reforming, to its uses for power production through fuel cells, industrial uses, mobility, renewable gas production, among others. This extensive experience enables Abengoa to offer highly innovative product solutions in specific sectors of the hydrogen value chain, through strategic alliances with leading manufacturers and technologists.


Main lines of business of the entity

– Hydrogen production by electrolysis and steam reforming
– Fuel cell power generation
– Refuelling stations for H2 vehicles
– Energy storage combining electrolysis, compression, storage and power generation
– Renewable gas production (Power to Gas)
– Special projects in defence (maritime sector) and aerospace